How to Pack Fragile Items with Care

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Over the years, you’ve accumulated a lot of personal belongings. And among them, you’ve collected your share of fragile and high-value items, from china and stemware to artwork and collectibles. Make sure you pack fragile items with care by following these helpful tips.

Wrap All Breakables

Don’t skimp on protecting your valuables! All breakables should be wrapped and padded for moving. Use packing paper, unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap for protection. Even your own bath towels or linens will do the trick.

For artwork, it’s ideal to use specialty mirror or picture boxes for safe travels. But if you don’t want to invest in these boxes, make sure you carefully pad artwork with bubble wrap and blankets.

Pad with Layers

Boxes containing fragile items should have a double layer of crumpled paper on the bottom of the box, plus another double layer on the top for extra cushion. By adding layers, you’re essentially suspending wrapped items between two buffers, which will absorb the shock and prevent breakage when moved. And keep in mind that everything in between should be wrapped!

Stand Items Upright

All breakable plates, platters, bowls and even small framed art should be wrapped and placed on their edges – do not lay these items flat. Line surfaces with paper to protect against any rubbing, scratching and breakage.

Similarly, any stemware, glassware and vases should be wrapped and placed bottoms up. Some people purchase the cell dividers to insert in the box for added protection. Just add a little packing paper into each compartment for padding and slide your wrapped glass into the cell.

Choose the Right Box

If you’re moving a large amount of fragile glassware or décor, the best box to use is the Dishpack because it is a stronger carton. However, if doing your own move, opt for packing fragile items in medium-size boxes. They’re easier to handle and weigh less than a dish pack when packed. Just remember to pad the bottom, top and sides.

And remember, never mix fragile, breakable items with non-breakable items.

Minimize Possible Damage

Packed boxes should be solid. That means you should not hear contents shifting about or surfaces rubbing when the box is gently shaken. If you do hear something, you didn’t pack it right, so it’s a good idea to stuff more paper between bundles.

On the same note, cartons that are not full will crush when stacked, causing damage. Make sure to top off your boxes with crumpled paper, towels or anything soft so they are full and snug when taped shut.

And always be sure to label all fragile and valuable items as FRAGILE in big letters so they’re easy to spot.

Take the NextStep

If you have a fair amount of breakable items, such as artwork, glassware, china, crystal or lamps, you may want to consider having a moving company pack them for liability purposes and peace of mind.

Sometimes we want to do everything ourselves, but it’s important to pack fragile items with extra care. A few dollars spent now to have them packed and covered by transit insurance can be a smart investment.

See how NextStep Transitions can help with your upcoming move. Schedule your free consultation today.

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